Frontline freedom fy2021 annual report

Our 2021 Fundraising Goal

Received from Donations (FY2021)

how we UTILIZED your donations

Operating Insurance

Equipment Purchases

Salary or Compensation

Permits / Shuttle Fees

    In Out
Donations Received  $        3232.36  
Expenses Paid  $ (3148.28)
Account Balance as of January 1, 2022  $        4276.25


Current Inventory

2021 Inventory Quantity
Kelty Redstone 70 L Backpack 8
REI – Backpacking Bundle 8
Sleeping Bag Pillow 8
Petzel Headlamp 8
Water Resevoir 8
Sawyer Water Filter 3
Camp Cooking Set 4
Eating Utensils 8
Hand Saw 2
Fuel Canister 6
10L Stuff Sack – Red (Food) 8
10L Stuff Sack – Blue (Clothes) 8
Insect Repellent 4
Wilderness First Aid Kit 2


FY2022 budget

(Board Approved)

Proposed 2022 Budget
2022 Expenses Amount
Insurance 2022  $     550.00
Account Buffer For 2022 –  Permit Fees / Replacement Gear (as needed with approval)  $  2,000.00
Proposed minimum carry over balance for 2021  $  2,550.00
Current Balance as of January 1, 2022 $ 4276.25 (In Compliance)


our commitment

When we started this organization, we knew it had to be based on trust. We approach our financial position in the same manner in which we approach the mental health of our frontline workers. We strive to be good stewards of your donations and keep the trust that you place in us.

In our continued commitment to serve, we pledge to remain transparent in our operations. While we do not advertise the names or agencies of our applicants, their lives are being impacted positively. All of who we are and strive to achieve is based on trust.

To keep your trust, we will publish our financial status on an annual basis. Additionally, we will provide, upon request, IRS Form 990, board meeting agendas, and board meeting minutes.

Thank you for trusting us. Thank you for believing in us.